Poor / Negative Characteristic
Ideal / Best
(Bitumen Vessel – Terminal – Tanker)
Used & New Drums BITUMENA’s Bags
Shipping Method Special Bitumen Vessels – Heated Cargo Standard Shipping Containers 18mt/Container Standard Shipping Container 20mt/container
Limited availability, cyclical supply Excellent Excellent
Shipping Cost Expensive, freights vary with demand, difficult to budget for long term projects. Affordable Affordable
Storage Extremely capital intensive in bulk terminals, high operating costs, major overheads Standard Warehouses or directly on site Standard Warehouses or directly on site
Handling Bulk road tankers to deliver directly on site.

Expensive but swift.

Forklifts, 5-6 drums/mt.

Used Drums can leak. New drums if mishandled may break as well.^CDamaged drums that do not break will become difficult to decant.

3.5t Fork lifts can handle 2 x 1mt bags at a time. All bags double slinged and self-stabilizing. Can go straight from container to Melter in one move. Highly efficient handling.
Ground Transport Expensive Bitumen Tankers – cargo continuously heated. Standard trailers, can visit remote locations in smaller flat beds as well.

Cheap and affordable.

Standard trailers, can visit remote locations in smaller flat beds as well.

Cheap and affordable.

Wastage Certain revolving %age will always remain in the vessel, terminal tank and road tanker. A direct loss. 3-5% is always left in the drum and is wasted. Inner lining is completely consumable. 100% of transported cargo is consumed. 0 wastage.
Decanting / Melting Product is always in liquid state, easy and immediate decanting. Each drum has to be cut open (often manually). This is an arduous and inefficient task. Messy and often product is left behind in the drum. Simple. Outer bag is cut away and the inner lining and cargo is melted in one go. 0 wastage.
Environmental Impact Large carbon footprint for entire supply chain as energy is used to keep the cargo heated throughout. Very Poor as a steel drum has to be produced for just 160 – 180kg of bitumen. A 1000mt project results in 6000+ empty drums to be disposed of. The used drums will have bitumen residue that will inevitably pollute the ground and storage/scrap Inner lining is 100% consumable and outer lining is 100% recyclable. Minimal footprint.
Other Points Expensive, large carbon footprint and huge capital needs to be invested into a distribution chain that should be obsolete by now. Old drums could cross contaminate the bitumen.

New Drums are expensive.

Triple layered technology and an outer woven polypropylene bag ensures chance of leakage is negated.

Bitumen Bagged in bags is guaranteed for up to 2 years!