Cost Effective & Environment Friendly

With a wholly consumable inner lining (ratio of 800gm to 1mt), there is absolutely 0% wastage of product. Drummed cargo typically loses 3-5% of product as leftover/unsalvageable inside the drum.

With a fully consumable inner lining, only the 2 outer layers are left after decanting. These are 100% recyclable and can be transported by the 1000s in a container for to the recycling plant. By contrast, empty drums are messy, bulky and a major logistical operation to scrap. Huge saving on the carbon footprint and scrapping costs/efforts.


Versatality in Storage & Transport

Once filled, the bitumen becomes a cold solid product. The product remains cold right up until time of final decanting at the customers location. The bitumen can now safely be treated as regular dry, packaged cargo which allows us to ship them in standard shipping containers to destinations anywhere in the world. Traditionally a commodity whose markets were restricted to geographic proximity, this is no longer the case with BITUMENA's Poerner Bags.

As the product is cold and packaged, there is no need for expensive heated tanks which require a large capital outlay, additional overheads and a large carbon footprint. The bags can be stored anywhere with a dry horizontal surface for up to 6 months indoors.



Tripled layer bagging technology eliminates the chance of product escaping. Two outer layers are a thick woven polypropylene that protects the product from elements, wear and the surrounding environment. The inner lining becomes part of the product and envelopes the bitumen completely.

Bags are UV resistant to allow outdoor storage and the size eliminates the risk of pilferage.

Once stored in a container, two bags are placed within a "hammock" to ensure added stability during voyage.